Western Loudoun Basketball
WLBL is home to children in Western Loudoun County attending any elementary, middle or intermediate school which feeds Loudoun Valley or Woodgrove High Schools

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2014-2015 HS Rec League Winter registration is open.

High School Rec League - Games on Sunday afternoons. Register now - Grades 9 through 12.

Picture Schedule

Pictures will be held on Saturday, December 6th at Emerick Elementary School.

Each team must parcitipate in pictures.

Spirit Wear will be sold at the cafeteria during the picture schedule.


Time Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5
7:00 AM          
8:00am B2 Warriors B2 Lakers B7 Buckeyes    
:15 B6 Mountaineers B6 Wildcats B7 Skyhawks B3 Hokies  
:30 B5 Bruins B5 Sun Devils B3 Tribe    
:45 B2 Spurs B2 Bulls B3 Hoyas B3 Monarchs  
9:00am B6 Falcolns B6 Bears B7 Badgers B3 Tigers  
:15 B6 Longhorns B5 Wildcats B5 Cougars B7 Lions  
:30 B6 Sooners B7 Bobcats B7 Panthers B3 Spiders  
:45 G2/3 Mystics G2/3 Dream B5 Beavers B5 Huskies  
:15 B2 Wizards B2 Magic B7 Wolverines B7 Hawkeyes  
:30 B7 Gophers B7 Terps B3 Rams B3 Patriots  
:45 B2 Thunder B2 Celtics B6 Cyclones B6 Aztecs  
11:00am B5 Cardinal B5 Trojans B7 Eagles B7 Spartans  
:15 G2/3 Shock G2/3 Fever B3 Cavaliers B3 Dukes  
:30 B6 Jayhawks B6 Cowboys B5 Bears B5 Ducks  
:45 B7 Wildcats B7 Hoosiers B4 Blazers G7/8 Hokies  
12:00pm G2/3 Sparks G2/3 Liberty B6 Lobos B6 Red Raiders  
:15 B5 Vandals B5 Cowboys B4 Bilikens G4 Bulldogs G7/8 Wolfpack
:30 B8 Deacons B8 Seminoles G4 Wildcats B8 Irish  
:45 G5 Cardinals G5 Bearcats B8 Hurricanes B8 Blue Devils  
1:00pm G2/3 Storm G2/3 Lynx B8 Wolfpack B4 Tigers  
:15 G6 Cyclones G6 Jayhawks B8 Eagles B4 Eagles  
:30 G6 Wildcats G6 Bears B5 Broncos B5 Lions G7/8 Irish
:45 G7/8 Blue Devils G5 Knights B4 Pirates B4 Explorers  
2:00pm G4 Gators G4 Razorbacks G5 Owls B8 Bulldogs  
:15 G6 Longhorns G6 Sooners G7/8 Tar Heels G5 Huskies  
:30 B8 Cardinals B8 Orange B8 Cavaliers B4 Monarchs B4 Knights
:45 G7/8 Terps B8 Tar Heels B4 Hawks B4 Mustangs  
3:00pm G4 Tigers G4 Volunteers G5 Tigers B8 Hokies B8 Panthers


High School Rec League Assessments


The High School Rec League assessments will be held on Sunday, November 23rd.  These assessments are usefull to help us generate information required to draft teams for the upcoming high school rec league for grades 9 through 12.


Sunday, Nov 23rd Schedule

All 9th and 10th grade players will be assessed at WOODGROVE HIGH SCHOOL (Main Gym) from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

All 11th and 12th grade players will be assessed at WOODGROVE HIGH SCHOOL (Main Gym) from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm


Questions & Concerns

If you have any concerns or questions that can't be answered by reviewing our web page, you may reach out to Randy James (President WLBL) email address president@wlblhoops.com

League Calendar